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What We Offer

We offer classes and workshops in the calligraphy, drawing and illumination for artists of all ages and ability levels.



This course is for those interested in learning the fine lettering techniques of calligraphy as a hobby or professional specialty. This course focuses on alphabets in five lettering styles: Nas’taliq, cursive Nas’taliq, Naskh, sols, and modern calligraphy. For the true beginner! This introductory calligraphy course uses step-by-step exercises to teach anyone to have great penmanship.





This course is an introduction to traditional principles and contemporary techniques in drawing.  Students will gain a greater working knowledge of line, shape, perspective, proportion, volume, and composition.  This course will also introduce narrative ideas, collaborative projects and conceptual art techniques.
Students will work under the direct guidance of the art instructor to create an independent Art work every week.





This course focuses on patterns, flowers, leaves, an also covers basic layouts and basic shading. This course will introduce the basic of composition and simple shading techniques. Students will explore the rich and varied forms that exist in Islamic illumination. The course will allow students the opportunity to learn about traditional painting and gilding techniques used in illumination. Mr. Emad will also look at the artistic and historical context within which this art developed.