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Drawing and Painting

Course Description

This course is an introduction to traditional principles and contemporary techniques in drawing.  Students will gain a greater working knowledge of line, shape, perspective, proportion, volume, and composition.  This course will also introduce narrative ideas, collaborative projects and conceptual art techniques.


Students will work under the direct guidance of the art instructor to create an independent Art work every week. This course will start with the basics,such as basic drawing skills , basic shading techniques, basics of line, contour just to name a few. Students will also learn varied types of utensils and media used in each piece, and will move into more advanced area of study. In more advance classes, students will study animal and human anatomy, still life drawing, design making, caricatures and will work to expand their skills and creativity in theses areas.


By the end of the course, students will be able to be independent and creative thinkers an will contribute intensively and critically to their culture through art making.

Instructor: Parham Roshandel

Class Length : 2 Hours

Class Max: 15

Supplies needed: Paper, Pencil