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Course Description

This course is for those interested in learning the fine lettering techniques of calligraphy as a hobby or professional specialty. This course focuses on alphabets in five lettering styles: Nas’taliq, cursive Nas’taliq, Naskh, sols, and modern calligraphy.


For the true beginner! This introductory calligraphy course uses step-by-step exercises to teach anyone to have great penmanship.


Mr. Emad’s calligraphy’s class open to students with little or no experience, this course introduces the fundamentals of calligraphy through a series of illustrated lectures and class projects. Students investigate materials, techniques, and methods unique to calligraphy. Art elements and principles are introduced in each class and explored through classroom project in a very friendly environment.


Explore lettering style that excite and intrigue you, taught by instructor who is as enthusiastic about what he teaches as you are to learn. With additional new levels of our existing courses, you can dive deeper into your favorite topic, or try something entirely new! Develop your penmanship with help from professional calligrapher Ebrahim Emad.

Instructor: Ebrahim Emad

Class Length : 2 Hours

Class Max: 15

Supplies needed: Paper, Pencil, Ruler